I've written a lot in other places – especially forums. I think online forums are one of the best things the internet has ever made...bastions of knowledge about ultra-specific subjects, manned by people who know more about their little niche than you could imagine and who will happily answer your questions if you just do your research and ask nicely.

Each of my big motorcycle trips has its own thread on ADVRider, a huge community of motorcycle adventure travelers. In chronological order:

  • Clunking my CX Cross Country (2017): My first big ride! Right after graduating from high school, I fixed up my '79 Honda CX500 and took it 7,500mi across the US. I started in Massachusetts, went as far south as Alabama, and then ended up in Washington. Boy did I learn a lot on that ride.
  • Return of the Clunk: The CX goes looking for the middle of nowhere (2019): My second ride cross-country on my CX500, right after dropping out of college. I took the northern route this time, until cold weather forced me south. Massachusetts to LA, via Canada.
  • No prep, no problem: section riding from LA to Ushuaia (2023 – now): The ongoing story of a ride with two of my best friends, Jonah and Danny. We're riding DR650s from Los Angeles to the bottom of South America, riding a month per year until we get there. We're staying on dirt as much as we can, and trying to see the places that visitors don't usually go. They're both professional videographers, and are making a movie out of each leg of the trip.

I also have a thread on Garage Journal with a (regrettably rarely updated) chronicle of building Highside Workshop, and stories of some of the things that go on here. It's called "An experiment in Bushwick".

I'm also somewhat of a collector of good forum threads, so here are some of my favorites:

  • The Pan American Trail: Three friends ride from Pennsylvania to Alaska, and then to Ushuaia, doing some serious big-mountain climbing along the way. This was the story that made me want to ride South America, and made me interested in alpinism.

    Funny story: I bumped into one of them in a cafe in Morro Bay, CA, while on a 3-day trip from LA to Sacramento. It was maybe the only time I've been tongue-tied from meeting someone who felt like a personal hero. His name's James Barkman.
  • La Moskitia Honduras (Plus Broken Leg): The founder of Mosko Moto (who actually hooked up me, Jonah, and Danny with full luggage on the second leg of our LA to Ushuaia trip, thanks guys!) rides into a mostly roadless part of northern Honduras, which is mostly populated by narcos, and breaks his leg. It's about as gnarly as you'd expect.
  • Mid-Century Moto Mecca Makeover: A gift that keeps on giving. Gregor Halenda, or sakurama (his username on Garage Journal and ADVRider), has an unusual combination of talents: excellent rider, excellent fabricator, and world-class photographer. I found him through motorcycles, stayed for the photography, and learned to love hands-on fabrication along the way. I don't think I ever would have bought a milling machine if it weren't for him. This thread chronicles his rebuild of a mid-century home in Portland over the course of more than a decade. I've learned an incredible amount from it.
  • My 950 Refresh or Mission Creep: Another, earlier Gregor Halenda thread (c. 2009) on ADVRider. I think this one is how I discovered him. It starts with him rebuilding his KTM 950 Adventure and turns into a story of making one of the first 2WD motorcycles.